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Bridging Science, Art, and Community in the New Arctic
Arctic CoLab Symposium, Sept 23 ~ Sept 25, 2019
University of Virginia

The Arctic is characterized by extremes of environment that have led to the development of a wide range of unique ecosystems, cultures, and settlements. Northern high-latitude ecosystems are presently some of the most dynamic systems on Earth, owing to anthropogenic climate change, human land use practices, and utilization of land to marine environments. Even as tundra, taiga, and marine ecosystems respond to these changes, the human presence in the Arctic is likely to grow, as it is home to major fisheries, indigenous communities, industrial cities, scientific practices, military installations, and some of the most extensive resource extraction operations on the planet. Although active research continues on environmental, infrastructure, and cultural aspects of the Arctic, few efforts have been made to address how these different aspects coalesce, and how knowledge that bridges disciplines may be necessary for Arctic systems to be resilient and adaptive to changes. "Bridging Science, Art, and Community in the New Arctic," brings together researchers, students, community representatives and policymakers from Alaska and beyond to facilitate knowledge exchange and catalyze a common interest in the future of the Arctic, in a setting that emphasizes creative collaboration and co-production of knowledge.

Conveners: Howard Epstein (Dept. of Environmental Sciences), Matthew Burtner (Dept. of Music), Leena Cho (Dept. of Landscape Architecture), Matthew Jull (Dept. of Architecture), Claire Griffin (Dept. of Environmental Sciences) /// Sponsors: National Science Foundation, American Geophysical Union, UVA Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation, UVA Institute for Humanities and Global Culture, Arctic Research Consortium of the United States /// Photos: Leena Cho, Chloe Nagraj, Theodore Teichman /// Brochure: Arctic Design Group